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 "Help us Improve"

This section is to allow us the parents the opportunity to get involved in nursery development.

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For the Ladies... they take the responsibility of loving, teaching, and supporting other peoples children... And wind up caring for them as if they were there own... Thank you :)

Photo: Read a special thanks to our “heroes” in education from our founder, George Lucas: 

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Rainy Day Ideas...

1. Mini bakers - Let the kids in the kitchen to do some cooking or baking. Homemade pizzas are great fun and we have plenty of easy biscuit and baking recipes to try here too.  You can enjoy your food when it is ready by having an indoor picnic (perhaps invite the teddies too?)

2. Indoor obstacle course - Set up an indoor obstacle course. Perhaps the children have to hop along the hall, snake under the table, throw beanbags into a bucket, do a forward roll on the cushions and pick up some dried pasta with their teeth and transfer from one bowl to another. Use your imagination (and the children's too) to come up with a challenging course and then you can even time each child and make medals for everyone who completes it.

3. Make playdough - Make your own playdough. You can add food colouring and glitter to jazz it up a bit. Get out pastry cutters, cutlery, rolling pins and anything else to make marks in the playdough and explore making models and patterns. Or - even better perhaps - make some Gloop. Brilliant simple fun! (See the ladies for the recipes)

4. Make instruments - Make your own instruments.  Tissue boxes and elastic bands make good guitars, paper plates with milk bottle tops make tambourines and dried rice or pasta in bottles or tins make good maracas and shakers. You can even bang pan lids with wooden spoons for drums.

Outdoor Fun ideas

1. Water Play -

2. Hopscotch - Get out the coloured chalk and help your children draw a huge hopscotch path. Add extra fun by trading traditional hopscotch square shapes for cars, butterflies, fish, and other fun designs.

3. Tag, You're It! - Enjoy a rollicking game of family tag or flag football in the backyard. Kids of all ages love to run and be chased!

4. Neighbourhood Races - You don't necessarily have to host a community picnic to enjoy these fun games! Collect some burlap sacks, create a start and finish line, and have an old-fashioned sack race! Or, divide children into pairs and use a scarf or banana to bind their inside legs together for a fun three-legged race.

Fairy House - Have the kids explore the backyard to collect their building materials, such as twigs, moss, leaves, and stones. Use a little bit of glue, and a home for the fairies will really come to life.

5. Tea Time - A tea party just isn't a tea party without a gaggle of guests to enjoy the treats. Let the children take their favorite stuffed animals to an afternoon picnic on the lawn. Cups, kettles, and cupcakes make the perfect spread for a playful day in the shade.



As Requested...

Shadow hands to try at home

20 Snack ideas for Kids...

Cheese - The protein in this kid-friendly snack keeps energy levels high until dinnertime. We like to stick salt-free pretzel sticks into cubes of low-fat cheese to make "satellite snacks," but you can also make cheese more interesting to kids by cutting it into fun shapes with a cookie cutter and making kabobs with your favorite fruit.

Yogurt - Low-fat yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, and children love it dressed up. To add taste and nutritional value, whip up a yogurt parfait with berries and granola or make a homemade fruity yogurt pop that beats sugary store-bought frozen treats any day.

Eggs - One egg provides a 4-year-old with almost one-third of her protein requirements for the day. Keep a bunch of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge (they last for seven days), or scramble an egg and roll it up in a flour tortilla. Another great idea: our easy breakfast pita that can be made the night before for an on-the-go meal.

Hummus - Made from pureed chickpeas, hummus is an excellent dip for kids. It has an appealing nutty flavor, is thick enough not to be messy, and contains folate, vitamin B6, and iron. Serve hummus with cut-up vegetables or salt-free crackers for dipping, or use it to make a pita bread sandwich.

Raisins - Raisins have a lot of good things going for them such as fiber, potassium, and vitamins. Even if your picky eaters aren't going for a handful of raisins out of the box, we have a super yummy raisin snack they won't be able to pass up. Kids will love to dip and swirl apple wedges or carrot sticks for a healthy and delicious scoop of creamy covered raisins.

Strawberries - If you feel like all your kids eat are bananas and apples, try introducing vitamin C-packed fresh strawberries to their diet. For a perfect snack when you're short on time, try this vitamin- and protein-rich snack with only three ingredients. To add an extra-healthy option, choose whole wheat crepes

Ways to Help

There are many ways to help support your PTA. All of the profit raised by the PTA goes back into nursery to benefit all of our children – both towards educational items (new books, computers) and fun items such as playground equipment and football kits.   The more people who support the PTA by attending events or helping out with organising and running events, the more money we can raise to provide such items for nursery. At present we are hoping to raise money to fund the outside gardens to be fitted with artificial grass.

We still have space for a couple more events during the spring and early summer, so what would you like to see?

Ideas for possible events we have had so far are Wine Tasting, Family Quiz, concert, talent show -  if you like the sound of any of these, or have an idea for something new please contact us. Alternatively, do you have a talent or skill you could share with others for a new PTA event? In the past we have had flower arranging evenings, concerts, and cookery lessons for smaller groups… So, if you have something to share, get in touch!

Thank you for your ongoing support of these events – we hope there is something here for everyone to enjoy, and to raise a bit more money to be used in nursery for the benefit of all our children. If you could give up an hour of your time to help either in setting up or helping to run a stall, we would really appreciate this!  Please contact us  or call Nursery on 01415588188!

clever clogs nursery glasgow clever clogs